Reena Bains Oodo - the lady behind the brand
Reena Bains

The lady behind the brand, Oodo™

I am Reena Bains and I am a Dispensing Optician, living in West London. I have 25 years of experience in the field of optics and I have a passion for reading and writing.

I started my journey into the optical world from an early age of 10. I didn’t like my own experience at the opticians, and I told my father that 1 day, I would do the same job but I would be the best! I don’t know about being the best but I certainly give my best each and every day in my career.

Like most people, I want to achieve a better work life balance. Through meditating and the practice of mindfulness, I have been able to focus on the changes to make me happy. I want less time on the road and spend more time on what I am passionate about which includes writing. I have applied my personal traits of discipline, dedication and respect to my new found project of blogging. Currently, I am a self-employed Dispensing Optician and a freelance blogger. This is my journey, thus so far.

Words to live by

Live and let live.

Teamwork and to lead by example.

Kind thinking creates profoundness.

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What does Reena Bains like outside of the optical world?


Reading, gym, badminton

Favourite colour

Navy blue

Summer or winter

Summer! I hate the cold!

Favourite food

KFC because its ‘finger licking good’!

Can’t live without


I love

Shopping & travelling

Favourite movie

Dirty Dancing

What I don't do

I don’t do ‘selfies’

Glass half empty or half full?

Half full

Tea or coffee?

Either, with a dash of milk and no sugar


I have known Reena for 5 years on both a personal and professional level. As an experienced Optometrist myself, and former business owner of a successful optical practice, I know only too well how important brilliant people are in the workplace, and Reena truly is a brilliant, professional and charismatic personality. Diligent, knowledgeable, trustworthy, commercially aware and meticulous with a first-class approach to patient care, Reena is a top Dispensing Optician and a huge asset to those lucky enough to work with her. Oodo-optical resonates with the excellence of care approach, connecting Reena to a wider audience.

Nikki WrightOptometrist

Having worked as colleagues at the same practice for over six years, I can only say that Reena is intelligent, hard-working and a meticulous individual. She is a stickler for 'attention to detail'. Her passion and enthusiasm to support colleagues, especially trainee opticians is endless. ‘Oodo’ will now enable her to impart her research and knowledge on a global level! Brilliant!

Parvinder ChanaDispensing Optician FBDO

Reena is great to work with. She was my Dispensing Optician for many years at my first practice and I knew you could just hand over the dispense in full confidence that the patient will get the very best product for their needs. There is no worry about the lens finish or frame choice. Although I am an Optometrist I have a very keen interest in dispensing and it’s been great picking up hints and tips over the years. I always look forward to working with her again!

Amit SamaniDirector, The Eye Zone, Ealing

Reena is a pleasure to work with- a true professional who knows her subject inside out and is always happy to impart her wealth of knowledge and experience to those around her. I am impressed by the depth of the articles she has created, not just for the Optical community but also the wider public, and sincerely hope that her efforts will create value for you.

Mr Harsh ShahOptometrist and Director of Eyewise Opticians

Reena is absolutely delightful to work with. She is very sales- and target-orientated whilst always offering expertly tailored advice to her clients. Her work ethic is at the highest level, always happy to help colleagues, efficiently processing orders and keen on motivating others to reach highest potential, having the business's goals in mind at all times. With a positive attitude she encourages the team to reach the individual as well as collective goals.

Sutharshani SubramaniamCustomer Service Specialist at LEGO Group

Having worked with Reena as a Dispensing Optician in the early stages of my career, I can honestly say that her product knowledge and customer service skills are a testament to her experience in the Optical field. She has extensive knowledge of all leading lens manufacturers, whilst her problem-solving skills are of the highest calibre, conducting herself in the most professional manner at all times.

Whilst continuing to work alongside her I quickly noticed how she was adaptable to all situations whilst dealing with an array of clients where knowledge, skill and her enthusiasm for high end dispensing always shone through. As she has progressed her regard for high business acumen and leadership has taken her to new heights, she continually seeks to thrive on discipline, commercial awareness and more importantly the customer journey.

To conclude I will always recommend her to peers as a professional and dedicated individual who personally will bring out the best in any given situation. Reena has been an inspiration over the years, one of the best Dispensing Opticians I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside.

Nimalan SatkunarajahFreelance Contact Lens Optician

Reena is a very professional Dispensing Optician. She has a great attention to detail whilst maintaining a friendly yet professional manner. She has an extensive knowledge of lenses and despite learning new frame ranges was quick at learning each brand.
I would not hesitate to employ Reena as she is dedicated to her job and her customers. Offering the best solution for the patient whilst being aware commercially. Her work was impeccable and never the need to follow up on her orders.

In conclusion, a friendly, professional, knowledgeable and dedicated individual.

Amanda HuntFBDO Practice Manager/DO at Eyeworks London

Reenas attention to detail and skills as a dispensing optician ensure that she recommends the perfect lens type for that patients needs, prescription and frame choice. Her approach works in perfect synergy with our ethos at Tokai ensuring the best possible outcome both aesthetically and optically. It is always a pleasure to work with Reena on such occasions.

LeighTokai (CEO, Tokai UK)

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